Corporate Identity 

The Developmental  K. KARATHEODORI Societe Anonyme was founded in 2009 by the Municipality of Komotini, the Municipality of Maronia, the Municipality of Iasmos and N. Tsanaklis S.A.

Today, it operates in the form of a Local Government Development Organization Societe Anonyme with shareholders the Municipality of Komotini, the Municipality of Maronia-Sapes, the Municipality of Iasmos and the Municipality of Arriana.

The company is active in the design, fulfillment, implementation and management of national and European-Community programs and actions which are aimed at implementing initiatives in the fields of local development, strengthening entrepreneurship and sustainable management.

Main goals of the company:

· Local development

· The technical support for Local Authorities of 1st and 2nd Degree

· The promotion of culture and the tourist stock

· Digital convergence

· The protection of public health

· The upgrade of social services

The company is based in the Municipality of Komotini and is housed in a neoclassical building at 15 N. Tsanakli Street.