Our Activity

1. The joint implementation with local authorities of the development policy for the benefit of the local communities.

2. Strengthening the administrative and technical competence of local authorities, through scientific, consulting and technical support.

3. The maturity and execution of infrastructure projects.

4. The implementation of actions and projects that are part of the goals of sustainable development of the Agenda 2030.

5. The execution of projects and the provision of digital convergence services.

6. The general support of the local authorities in the implementation of self-administrative responsibilities.

7. Their participation in respective programs and the implementation of relevant policies aimed at promoting sustainable development.

8. The scientific, technical and administrative support of its members, as well as other Local Government Organizations and their bodies, bodies of the Public sector, cooperatives and their associations, scientific bodies, chambers, bodies of collective social or economic interests, as well as financial institutions.

9. The provision of technical and consulting services for the management and utilization of real estate as well as the exercise of the activities of articles 182 and 183 of law 4555/2018 (A ‘133).

10. The undertaking of execution, supervision and oversight of public studies and projects on behalf of its members and other local authorities that do not have technical competence or technical staff.

11. The participation of the Company in the planning, fulfillment and implementation of Integrated Spatial Investments (Integrated Spatial Investments) of spatial strategies and other relevant policies in local, regional, national, European or in a wider geographical area.

12. The study, recording, research and evaluation of existing structures, needs and problems related to economic, social and development activity in the area of activity, the design and implementation of effective methods and actions to upgrade the tourism product and enrich the tourist experience , highlighting the historical wealth, cultural heritage and cultural identity of its members, stimulating economic activity and employment, attracting investment and improving infrastructure as well as the development of new forms of alternative tourism.

13. The development of actions of rural tourism and small and medium enterprises and consequently the support and utilization of locally produced products and the strengthening of the effort of their processing into branded quality products, as well as the connection of locally produced product and tourist service.

14. The investigation, study and coordination of processes and mechanisms for the production, transfer and provision of know-how, services and support for the bodies and companies of local government, public and private sector in development issues of financing of infrastructure, urban regeneration, social actions and utilization municipal property as well as for the utilization and implementation of national, European and internationally funded programs for local, regional, national and European purposes.

15. The design, fulfillment, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of national, European or internationally funded programs related to the purposes of the Statute.

16. The creation of conditions for the symmetrical development of its members from economic, social and cultural point of view, based on local forces and private and public resources, as well as with resources and means of the European Union and the Greek State.

17. The design and implementation of actions and programs of social policy which are aimed at the support and social care of infants, children and the elderly; the design and implementation of policies in general and actions, related to the support of the unemployed or individuals from socially vulnerable groups and the planning, suggestion and care for the implementation of policies and actions aimed at the support and care of the health of the citizens and the promotion of mental health.

18. The development of initiatives and the creation of infrastructure to support entrepreneurship and the study of the market on behalf of companies and institutions in the region.

19. The development of scientific activity and collaborations with educational and research institutions, the use of innovation applications and new Information and Communication Technologies as well as the development of research and development actions.

20. The participation in program contracts, as well as its definition as an Interim Management Body for the implementation of business programs and the assumption of any relevant role, in accordance with the terms and restrictions of applicable law.

21. The establishment and management of Portfolio Funds for the utilization of the Financial Technical Instruments of the European Commission and of the European or global institutions or other similar or related, provided that they do not contradict any current provision of law.

22. The communication, information and promotion of information, activities and actions of public interest for the information of the public, as well as the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies.

23. The organization of cultural and sports events, as well as the organization or co-organization of conferences, seminars and other events.